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Our services range from offering personal Reiki Treatments and Reiki Training & Certification to Reiki Integration Programs Development for health care organizations and businesses.

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Reiki Training/Certification

Tap into your healing abilities to become a Certified Reiki Practitioner for personal use or professional practice.

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Reiki Treatments

Relax Release Rebalance
Therapy for body mind and soul.
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Reiki Integration Programs Development

Customized Reiki Treatments and/or Reiki Training & Certification Programs Integration Development for businesses, volunteer organizations, hospitals and educational institutions.
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Reiki for Kids

Kids are people, too! Children & Teens love this magical yet practical Reiki Training & Certification Course designed specifically for them.
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Upcoming Classes, Reiki Shares & Workshops

Join our nurturing community to connect, heal, and grow together through Reiki Shares, Continuing Education Workshops and Retreats.
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Contact Karen

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I welcome your inquiries.
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Embark on your Journey

Healing Energy Works’ Reiki Master Karen  E. Williams offers a range of services designed to introduce you to and guide you through the incredible healing wisdom and practice of Reiki.

Whether you are looking to experience the numerous healing benefits of receiving Personal Reiki Treatments, intending to deepen your Reiki knowledge and connection to the various levels of Reiki and seek Training and Certification or if you require guidance with Reiki Program Development for your business, volunteer organization, educational institution, or health & wellness facility, please contact Karen to learn more.

Karen also offers a specially designed Level 1 Training and Certification Program: Reiki for Kids and Teens where the children are encouraged to tap into their natural inner wisdom. Children are people, too and many have a deep desire to help others and to better understand their intuition. This program allows kids to be and express exactly who they are – amazing beings with unlimited potential.