About Karen

Karen E. Williams, CRA-RP


Insured & registered

Welcome to Healing Energy Works! I am Karen E. Williams, a registered Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, and a member in good standing with the Canadian Reiki Association, who is continually astounded at and re-inspired by the positive, life-enriching and transformative results Reiki has on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies – and beyond. Simply stated, being in balance benefits us both personally and professionally by affording us the clarity and confidence to pursue and achieve our highest potential.

My personal Reiki Journey began over 25 years ago as a client looking for a natural way to manage my stress levels so I could gain perspective and clarity while making the best possible choices involving simultaneous major life changes: relocating, career & relationships. Receiving Reiki Treatments  helped me tremendously by giving me the clarity of purpose to pursue the vision I had for myself.

My career path has been winding and diverse: from Fashion Columnist to Boutique owner to TV Creator and Host to Corporate Sales Consultant for Retirement Residences; but; there has always been a common denominator: Adding value to people’s lives through sharing information. I never thought, as a new client all those years ago, that I would eventually become a Reiki Practitioner then a Reiki Master Teacher! I know from personal experience how powerful, supportive and transformative Reiki is. Teaching and Treating is not just a career for me, it is a Calling and my Bliss.

As a Practitioner, I have the honour and pleasure to support clients ranging from seniors to children, to pregnant women to those living with Alzheimer’s and dementias and those who are palliative. I believe EVERYONE deserves to receive Reiki regardless of age, race, religion or how one identifies.

My clients report experiences such as an ease in body tension, relief from headaches, reduced anxiety, diminished body pain, increased mobility, cleared sinuses, settled tummies, feelings of general well-being and relaxation, feeling energized and focused, enjoying a good night’s sleep, feeling lighter and brighter, improved self-confidence, a restored positive outlook on life, improved mental clarity, focus and ability to make sound decisions, and enhanced intuition.

As a Master Teacher, I experience incredible joy guiding and sharing Reiki wisdom with others so they can continue on their Reiki Journey to treat themselves, family, friends, clients, pets, etc.

If your interest in learning more about Reiki Training or Treatments is piqued, I look forward to hearing from you and to supporting you on your Reiki Journey.