Client Love



Thank you!

“Thank you to all of my amazing clients and students. It is a blessing and a privilege to work with you. I am constantly inspired by each and everyone one of you.”

Karen E. Williams, CRA-RP
Reiki Master

Nicole: Cobourg, Ontario

Karen is very perceptive and intuitive in the way she treats.  I received several Reiki treatments with her during my pregnancy and really enjoyed my sessions with her.  I highly recommend anyone looking for a great Reiki experience!

Lisa: Durham, Ontario

I have had a few Reiki apportionments with Karen, so far.  While I was unsure what ot expect from the first session, Karen brought a sense of calm and reassurance.

During each appointment, I had completely different things going on; without telling Karen, she could pick up on it and spend a little extra time in those areas.

Karen was very informative before we started and explained different things as we moved through the appointment.  I left each session feeling calmer, lighter and with less discomfort.

Megan: Toronto, Ontario

I was in a place of feeling and being very ungrounded when I decided to try Reiki and visited Karen Williams.

I received a warm and welcoming introduction to how Reiki could benefit my situation. Karen’s treatments and advice have been a tremendous help in getting me grounded and keeping me in a more balanced energy flow.

If you are feeling ungrounded give her a try. I am sure you will find your energy will be flowing more harmoniously.

Love and kindness to you.

Rebecca: Cobourg, Ontario

Thank you, Karen, for your kind and gentle approach with my sensitive 12-year-old daughter.

This was her first Reiki experience, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. The experience left her feeling relaxed and happy. She especially loved watching the green and blue lights behind her eyelids as you worked.
She told me after, that she could feel the love that you were channeling. Sending her home with her Reiki infused pillow was such a thoughtful added touch. Thanks again for taking the extra time to talk with us.
Wishing you much light and love

Louise: Cobourg, Ontario

Thanks so much, Karen for my first ever Reiki treatment!  It was so interesting to watch the colour changes occurring behind my eyelids as you worked your magic… releasing my energy.  It was like watching a lava lamp for hours!  So peaceful and energizing.

Montse: Northumberland County, Ontario

I brought my Mother-In-Law to see Karen to help with her grieving for her late husband of 60 years.

Karen did an amazing job helping her get strong and feel at peace.

That same day, I also got a treatment and I felt happy and light afterward. I have referred Karen many times, since.

Karen is super kind and you can feel her positive energy as soon as you enter her space.

We are lucky to have such a healer in our community! Thank you, Karen.

Corinne: Peterborough, Ontario

I cannot express enough gratitude for the transformative experience I have had with Karen and her remarkable Reiki therapy.  She is undeniably gifted, a true healers, and a master in the art of Reiki.  Her genuine energy and kind soul radiate, brightening up every room and bringing peace to all who encounter her.

Through her skillful touch and intuitive guidance, I have experience a profound release of blockages within my body.  The sessions have allowed me to achieve a deeper sense of centerness and tranquility, unlocking a level of inner peace.

Inspired by her expertise, passion, and devotion, I decided to embark on my Reiki journey by taking her Reiki Level 1 course.  Karen proved to be an exceptional teacher and mentor, always patient, supportive, and encouraging throughout the entire process.  Her teachings have empowered me to tap into my own healing abilities.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths with Karen and experience the power of her Reiki therapy.  I look forward to deepening my understanding and connection with this incredible healing modality under her guidance.


Elizabeth: Kingston, Ontario

Receiving Reiki treatments from Karen are always healing and restorative.”

Sharifa: Toronto, Ontario

Karen worked with me and I experienced an instant source of well-being and balance.  Her gentle approach as a reiki master demonstrated her ability to calm the senses, supporting good health and wellness.  I would recommend her as a respected and trusted healer in energy works.

Mel, Quinte West, Ontario

As this was my first Reiki experience, I did not know what to expect.  I found Karen made me feel quite comfortable and her level of experience and skill was quickly evident when she discovered areas of tension ni my jaw and inquired if I grind my teeth, which I do. Her Reiki treatment, as well as suggestions of meditation exercises for stress reductions, offered beneficial results.  I am looking forward to future Reiki sessions with Karen.


Christy: Whitby, Ontario

Karen is intuitive, compassionate, fun and extremely knowledgeable. My treatment sessions yielded positive results. I would recommend her services without reservation. You will be glad you chose Karen’s healing hands.

Gabrielle: Northumberland County, Ontario

Karen is a beautiful, kind soul. As a Reiki Master, she has her own unique style and approach to her treatments and her teachings. My Reiki session with her was so calming and comforting. Her touch and technique is spot on and I would highly recommend her.  As a teacher of Reiki, she left me with the knowledge and tools to be a great energy worker, so now I can use Reiki on people who want to heal and feel better within themselves. My experience as Karen’s student learning and practicing was pretty powerful and enlightening.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences, Karen!


Sandra: Toronto, Ontario

Dear Karen,

I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful session during our Reiki Level 1 course on Saturday.  The day went by so fast and you are such a natural and gifted teacher – thank you for sharing your gift with us!

Angela: Belleville, Ontario

Thank you, Karen, for making sure I drove home safely.  That is so sweet!  What a great experience!  I feel like a weight has been lifted from me!  I feel energized and grounded.  I truly loved it!  I can’t wait to do another Reiki session with you!