Prenatal Reiki

Prenatal Reiki

Safe & Soothing Reiki is non-invasive, gentle and safe. The energy channelled through the practitioner to a client is positive and is for the recipient’s ‘highest and greatest good’.

The intention of Reiki is to remove energy blockages so a person’s energy can flow unobstructed to ultimately attain and maintain homeostasis and emotional well-being.

Those who have received Reiki can confirm that the energy knows where to go and what to do. Reiki can be administered, with equal success, through light touch and/or the practitioner’s hands hovering just above their client’s body.

Receiving Reiki is a welcome treat for my “expecting“ clients. They report collective experiences such as a sense of deep relaxation, calm, contentment and renewed energy. Some say they feel more connected to their growing baby. Sometimes my clients and I both feel “tingling“ and “fizzing”, immediately followed by giggling and excited conversation. It’s so cool!

Common feedback on post-treatment experiences include sleeping through the night – for a few consecutive nights, relief from lower back pain, muscle tension and headaches, reduced nausea, less anxiety and irritability, feeling more balanced and a sense of “lightness”.

Reiki works!

Prental Reiki