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Reiki Training and Certification

At Healing Energy Works, we believe that learning Reiki is not limited to professional practitioners alone. Whether you’re new to energy healing or curious about exploring its wonders, Reiki offers an array of positive benefits that can enrich your life in countless ways.

Our First Degree Level (Level 1) Reiki training and attunement are designed to empower you with the healing art of Reiki. Once attuned, you gain the ability to channel this beautiful healing energy for yourself, your family, friends, pets, and even plants! Yes, even the plants in our garden thrive on Reiki energy!

The journey of self-healing and sharing healing energy with others starts with Level 1 Certification. But the learning doesn’t stop there. If you aspire to be a professional Reiki practitioner, we offer Level 2 Certification as well, providing you with the skills and knowledge to promote yourself in the healing community.

Even if your goal is not to practice Reiki professionally, the personal applications are endless. Many of our students successfully use Reiki in their everyday lives, from soothing fussy babies and easing anxiety for loved ones with Alzheimer’s to sending healing energy to their beloved pets recovering from surgeries. Reiki can also be infused into food, beverages, personal care products, and even your car! The possibilities are truly limitless.

We believe in the power of sending positive healing energy in all situations. If you have any questions related to Reiki, whether it’s about the training, its applications, or anything else, I’m here to help and support you on your journey.

Get ready to unlock the healing potential within you through our comprehensive Reiki Training Certification. Together, we’ll embark on a path of healing, growth, and transformation. Let’s create a more balanced and harmonious world, one Reiki practitioner at a time!

First Degree Level: Shoden

Welcome to our First Level Reiki Training, where you’ll embark on a journey to discover the gentle art of Reiki Healing. During this course, you’ll learn the sacred practice of attuning to and harnessing the power of this beautiful energy. As you delve into the principles and techniques of Reiki, you’ll uncover the subtle yet profound ways it can positively transform your daily life. By mastering the art of channeling healing energy, you’ll not only nurture your own well-being but also radiate that healing light to those around you. This transformative experience will enable you to embrace a newfound sense of balance, harmony, and compassion, empowering you to make a meaningful difference in your life and the lives of others. Get ready to embrace the gift of Reiki and open your heart to the endless possibilities of healing and growth!

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Second Degree Level: Okuden

Congratulations on completing your First Degree Level Reiki training! Now, as you step into Second Degree Level (Level 2) Reiki training, get ready to deepen your connection with this powerful healing energy. In this advanced course, you’ll learn ancient Reiki symbols and their sacred meanings, enhancing your ability to channel and direct the healing energy with greater focus and intention. Level 2 enables you to offer distant healing, transcending time and space to send Reiki to loved ones, situations, and even events in the past or future. Additionally, you’ll explore emotional and mental healing techniques, providing you with invaluable tools to address deeper issues and promote holistic well-being. Level 2 is a transformative step on your Reiki journey, allowing you to take healing to profound levels for yourself and those you touch with your newfound expertise. Embrace this empowering path and continue to spread healing light and love in the world!

Third Degree Level, Reiki Master: Shinpiden

Third Level Reiki Training, where you are about to embark on an extraordinary journey of transformation and empowerment. In this advanced stage of Reiki mastery, you will delve deeper into the sacred art of healing energy and gain profound insights into the limitless potential of Reiki. As you progress on this path, you will explore the intricacies of the Master Level, where the focus shifts towards becoming a teacher and attuning others to the wonders of Reiki. However, it’s essential to recognize that each individual’s journey is unique, and you have the freedom to shape your Reiki practice in alignment with your authentic calling. Take the time to meditate and contemplate, allowing your intuition to guide you in selecting the approach and instructor that resonates most with your heart. Embrace this chapter with enthusiasm and dedication, for your Third Level Training holds the key to unlocking your full potential as a Reiki Master and a source of profound healing for yourself and others.