What is a Reiki Attunement



An “Attunement” or “Initiation” is the spiritual ceremony or process performed by a Reiki Master to cleanse and elevate a Reiki Student’s vibration and open their upper chakras, thus allowing them to connect more directly with and channel Universal Life Force Energy aka Reiki. This process is how a Student becomes a Reiki Practitioner.

There are three true Reiki Levels: First Degree Level, Second Degree Level, and finally, Third Degree Level or Reiki Master Level. Each Level has its own set of Attunements that allow a Practitioner to connect to and channel greater amounts of Reiki as they move up each Level.

Children (6 yrs and up) can be to be Attuned to First Degree Level.

“Reiki is Love. The World Needs More of That”

– Karen Williams, Reiki Master