What to Expect

What to expect during a Reiki Treatment

You can expect to remain fully clothed during the entire experience. Clients lie on their back on a massage table with their head and their knees supported by pillows and are covered by a light blanket (if desired).

With your permission to receive appropriate light-touch, I will place my hands in several positions along your body. For those who prefer no touch or are experiencing pain, I will have her my hands over the same areas of the body. For those who cannot get up on a massage table I can accommodate that in a few weeks. We will discuss this before your arrival.

Many of my clients, see different colours through their closed eyelids, feel sensations of tingling or heat or cold. Many drop into a deep state of relaxation while a few others have started snoring. There is no judgement in Reiki. It is your experience to enjoy, receiving, gentle healing energy for your highest good.

"Innovation is any change big or small that makes a difference"

– Thomas Smith